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Revisiting Banu Nadir Affair: Countering Myths

Salaam Zaid Al-Iraqi & Kaleef K. Karim Introduction: This article is a refutation to “The Religion Of Peace” (TROP) website, where the Christian missionary by the name of Glen Roberts dedicated an article to one of our article’s. Much of Glen Roberts article is no more than just his own commentary on the Banu Nadir incident… Read More ›

Story of Blind Jew Throwing Dust – Seerah

One thing I have noticed from critics is that they try defaming the Prophet by mentioning Ibn Ishaq and Tabari as their sources. In most of the stories where the Prophet (p) is alleged to have done something, they cite Ibn Ishaq as their source. But as stated, many of these reports are not reliable… Read More ›

Habbar Ibn Al-Aswad Bin Ka’b Al-‘Ansi – Seerah

The usual lies spread about the Prophet (p) is astonishing. It is alleged by critics that Habbar Ibn al-Aswad bin Ka`b al-`Ansi was killed because he was a liar who claimed to be a Prophet. However, this is not the reason why he was killed. Aswad persecuted many Muslims. He was a warmonger. In one… Read More ›

Abdullah Ibn Zib’ari The Poet

The Claim critics is that Abdullah ibn Zib’ari was on the list to be killed for writing insulting poems about the Prophet. However, Islamic scholar Allama Shibli goes into detail refuting this false story attributed to the Prophet (p): PROCLAIMED CULPRITS Chroniclers name ten persons, who, notwithstanding the general amnesty granted to the Meccans, were declared… Read More ›

Huwayrith Ibn Nafidh (or Nuqayth – Naqidh)

Or Huwairith ibn Nukaidh ibn Bujar ibn Abd ibn Kusai Huwayrith ibn Nafidh was another killed by the order of Prophet Muhammad (p). It is reported in Ibn Hisham’s footnotes (804) that one of his crimes was that he abused the two daughters of Makkah when they were leaving Makkah. 804. Al-Abbas had put Fatima… Read More ›

Story Of Fartana The Poet

It is alleged by critics that when Prophet Muhammad (p) conquered Makkah, he ordered the killing of a slave girl because she was “reciting insulting poems” about Mohammad. He (p) in turn ordered that she be killed. Scholar, Shaykh Allama Shibli Numani goes into detail on this, showing that the story of Fartana being killed… Read More ›

The Spurious Story Of The ‘Satanic Verses’

Professor Muhammad Mohar Ali I. Summary of the story It has been mentioned above that most of the first batch of emigrants to Abyssinia temporarily returned to Makka on the basis of a rumour of a compromise between the Quraysh leaders and the Prophet. About the reason for this rumour Al-Tabari, Al-Waqidi and some others… Read More ›