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The Crucifixion Of Jesus In Light Of Science

Kaleef K. Karim Professor Thomas H.Huxley makes an interesting argument in relation to the New Testament’s portrayal of the crucifixion. He strongly argues that Jesus Christ may very well have survived the crucifixion, for him being removed while still living in the tomb, taken out either on the Friday or Saturday night by Joseph of… Read More ›

“Is the Original Qur’an Preserved?” – Dr. Joseph Lumbard

Orientalist scholarship since the 19th century has proposed various theories that seek to disqualify the Muslim narrative on the authenticity of the Qur’anic compilation and the preservation of the text. The recent discovery of early Qur’an manuscripts in San’a has reinvigorated the issue, and skeptics have hoped for evidence to support their assertions. Bayan visiting… Read More ›

Liverpool: The Birthplace Of Islam In Britain’ – Toxteth’s Victorian Mosque Reopens

DTT: Isn’t it interesting and great that Muslims have been living in great Britain for 100s years. These new findings thoroughly debunk the mythical fascists group who try push the agenda as if Muslims arrived yesterday and or all are Pakistani. When that is not true in reality. In reality, many of Britain’s converts to… Read More ›