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Alleged “Terrorist” Robert Doggart Arrested For Planning To Massacre NY Muslim Community

DTT: It is shocking how main stream media have been silent on former congressional candidate and Christian minister who was arrested for plotting to attack Muslim community in New York. This right-wing Robert Doggart was arrested planning to burn down a mosque, a school, and a cafeteria while murdering civilians in a New York Muslim community… Read More ›

Danish Culinary School Fined For Forcing Muslim Student To Taste Pork

DTT: Muslim women face discrimination in all walks of life in Europe. This Muslim woman was forced to taste food which are forbidden in Islam. The Danish school thought they can get away with it. Luckily enough she recorded the whole conversation to be used in court as evidence against them. RT.com reports: A Danish… Read More ›

Home Secretary Announces New Counter-Extremism Strategy

By MEND   The Home Secretary today announced the Government’s new counter-extremism strategy after the weekend papers reported on disagreements between the Coalition parties about how far restrictions on free speech should go. The new strategy presents a number of important questions about the effectiveness of the Government’s approach, past and future. Perhaps most disturbing in… Read More ›

A Teacher Allegedly Called A Kid “Rag-Head Taliban”

DTT: With the spread of Islamophia rampant in America, innocent Muslims get targeted by right-wing racist thugs. Even kids don’t escape racism hurled at them. By CBS Miami Here is a story of a 14, named, Deyab-Houssein Wardani, who was alleged to have been called by his teacher, “rag-head Taliban”, or other times (other days) just ‘Taliban’.  This… Read More ›

Muslim School Burned Down In What Investigators Say Is Likely An Arson Attack

By Zaid Jilani The arson attack was the third incident of Islamaphobic violence this week. Unfortunately, the execution of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill was not the only Islamophobic violence that happened this week. The same week, an Arab American family was assaulted in Dearborn, and now in Houston comes a horrible story of… Read More ›

‘It’s Pork Or Nothing’, French Mayor Tells Schoolchildren

DTT Comment: Muslims are not the only people that don’t eat pork, there are religious and non-religious that don’t eat pork. They’re not asking for any special treatment. Nor are they asking for Halal or Kosher food, all they asking for is that they be given a ‘meal with substitute protein’. By TheLocal.fr A mayor in… Read More ›

Middle schooler accused of hate crime in alleged attack on fellow student

By Amanda Marrazzo, Special to the Tribune The eighth-grader had just left his middle school lunchroom when he said he exchanged a few words with another student, who then attacked him “out of the blue.” According to the account of both the eighth-grader, Omid Babakhani, and police, the other student tackled Omid to the ground… Read More ›

The school officials praised the recognition as a “great credit” to the spirit of the school.

Islamic school among UK’s top 100

By: OnIslam & Newspapers   After quarter a century of hard work, a British Islamic high school has been recognized as one of the top 100 schools in UK after achieving excellent GCSE results in summer. “We were very pleased with our GCSE results in the summer which had gone up by 19 per cent from… Read More ›