Muslims Thwart Attempted Robbery In Australia (VIDEO)

DTT: Citizens arrest! These brave Muslim men and women in the community came together to stop criminals and made a citizens arrest during a robbery of a jewellery store on Sydney Road, Coburn, in Australia. ‘Good Samaritan’ is the best term that they came up with for such a brave and heroic act, by the… Read More ›

Expedition Of Zaid Ibn Haritha To Wadi al-Qura (Kura)

Zaid Ibn Haritha was sent out to Syria for business related matters. On the way there, they were ambushed by the Banu Fazara tribe, whose leader was Umm Qirfa. The merchandise was robbed and all the companions who set out with Zayd Ibn Haritha were murdered, except for Zaid Ibn Harithah who was wounded and… Read More ›

The Expedition Of Dhu Qarad

Uyainah Ibn Hisn Al-Fazari who was the leader of the Banu Ghatafan, he raided outskirts of Madina, robbed camels and murdered a shepherd who was looking after the animals. When Prophet Muhammad received news of this, he sent out his companions in pursuit of this robber/murderer. Historical reports Tabari: “We returned to Medina with the… Read More ›

Were They Sent To Batn Rabigh For A Caravan Raid?

No! The Prophet (p) sent an expedition under the leadership of Ubaydah Ibn al-Harith to Batn Rabigh, to confront Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb who was an arch enemy of the Muslims. Reports Al-Waqidi: “THE EXPEDITION (SARIYYA) OF UBAYDA B. AL-HARITH TO RABIGH The Prophet gave the flag to Ubayda b. al-Harith, in shawal, the eighth… Read More ›

Invasion of Dul Ashir (Al-Ashayra) – Quraysh’s Caravan?

Ibn Ishaq: “THE RAID ON AL-USHAYRA Then he raided the Quraysh. … He made a treaty of friendship there with B. Mundlij and their allies B. Damra and then he returned to Medina without a fight.” [1] The raids on Quraysh criminals were done at a time when they had declared war on the Muslims (see… Read More ›

Expedition Of Zaid Ibn Haritha (Hisma)

Expedition of Zaid ibn Haritha took place because some robbers attacked the Prophet’s (p) envoy. Hence, these criminals had to be dealt with or they would continue with their criminal activities. Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir – Ibn Sa’d: “THE SARIYYAH OF ZAYD IBN HARITHAH AGAINST HISMA Dihyah Ibn Khalifah al-Kalbi came back from (the Ceasar) who had… Read More ›

The Invasion Of Dumatul Jandal?

Two things happened in which Prophet Muhammed (p) made a decision to deal with those hostile enemies. (1) In the territory of Dumatul Jandal there were highway robberies. People were getting robbed. (2) In the same area there was an army preparing to attack Madinah. With the impending army and robberies committed in that area,… Read More ›

Expedition Of Hamza To Al-Is – Caravan Raid?

The expedition led by Hamza (ra) who encountered Abu Jahl. The Prophet (p) sent Hamza on an expedition to Al-Is, near the seashore with thirty horsemen. It is reported from Ibn Ishaq that the Muslims met the Quraysh, their enemy who had persecuted the Muslims in the past and who continued to do so. A battle… Read More ›