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Muslim Men And Kids In Double Digits

Some of the weekend papers (Daily Mail,Daily Telegraph, Daily Express) covered the second reading of Baroness Caroline Cox’s Arbitration and Mediation Bill in the House of Lords last Friday headlining with the peer’s incendiary remark that ” in some [Muslim] communities with high polygamy and divorce rates, men may have up to 20 children each.” The… Read More ›

Video: Couple Accused Of Raping Orphaned Teen For Years — And Using The Bible To Justify It

DTT: This is a very sad story. A teen girl was allegedly repeatedly raped for many years. These two psychos justified their actions by reading the Bible. It is said that they found Biblical verses to justify what they did to the poor girl. According to these two people, the Bible approves of their criminal… Read More ›

Hobson’s Hatred: Nottingham UKIP Candidate Exposed

By  Simon Cressy / HopeNotHate.org.uk Just nine days to go and the list of UKIP candidates who can’t control themselves on social media just gets bigger and bigger. Latest on the list is Nottingham candidate Shaun Hobson who is standing as the UKIP candidate in the Aspley ward on Nottingham city council. Hobson isn’t someone… Read More ›