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John J. Thomas Killed 70-Year-Old Man Because Bible Told Him Homosexuals Must Be Stoned To Death

By BY ALIYAH SHAHID – nydailynews.com Saturday, March 19, 2011 A 28-year-old Pennsylvania man has been charged with murder after telling police he stoned to death a 70-year-old man after the senior citizen allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward him, authorities said Friday. John Joe Thomas of Upper Darby told police he beat Murray Seidman using a sock that was stuffed with rocks because he… Read More ›

Does the Bible Teach child Abuse, ‘Beat him with a rod?’

In this article we are going to examine Bible passages which encourage child abuse and other things that are related to the topic. The Biblical Book of Proverbs contains many passages which approve of beating a child with a rod. The book of Proverbs is not the only place in the Bible where it encourages… Read More ›