The Expedition Of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq To Banu Kilab

Abu Bakr (ra) was sent to Banu Kilab tribe, the reports on this expedition, don’t tell us a lot, other than the Muslims had a battle. It does not give us any more details. Sunan Abi Dawud: AbdurRahman ibn Tarafah said that his grandfather Arfajah ibn As’ad who had his nose cut off at the battle… Read More ›

Nejd (Najd) Caravan Raid?

The interception of the caravan in Najd (Nejd) took place in the 3 AH (624 AD). The Quraysh sent Safwan Ibn Umayyah to Syria for trade. In reference to Quraysh, they had persecuted and murdered many Muslims. As a result of these actions of the Quraysh, the Muslims fought back against them. As a consequence… Read More ›