The Expedition Of Usama Bin Zayd

Before the Prophet’s (p) demise, he sent Usama Bin Zayd expedition to Syria. There were few reasons the Prophet (p) had to send his companions to Syria. 1. Syria which was under the control of the Byzantine (Roman) Empire, they were forcing people not to embrace Islam. Religious freedom was out of the window. 2…. Read More ›

The Battle Of Mu’tah (Mutah)

Prophet Muhammed (p) sent one of his Companions named Al-Harith bin Umair Al-Azadi as a messenger to give a letter to the King of Busra. While Al-Harith halted for rest, he was intercepted by Shurabbil Ibn Amr al-Ghassani, and asked where he was going, he (Harith) responded by saying that he had a letter from the Prophet… Read More ›