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Countering Lies On The Banu Qaynuqa Incident

Salam Zaid I have decided to take on “The Religion Of Peace” (TROP) website, which is owned by a Christian missionary by the name of Glen Roberts. I want to dedicate a series of articles to refute their so called responses to DTT (discover the truth site). Glen Roberts made several poor and very badly… Read More ›

A Response To Uqba Bin Abu Muayt’s Killing

Uqba bin Abu Muayt is another individual who is portrayed by critics as an innocent person and that Mohammad (p) had no reason to get him killed. However, historical sources show that Uqba was not as innocent as they make him out to be. While the Prophet resided in Makkah, Uqbah brought intestines of a… Read More ›

Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf’s Killing, Deception – Was The Prophet (p) Annoyed?

Kaleef K. Karim It is claimed by some that Ka’b Ibn al-Ashraf was killed as a result of him annoying the Prophet (p). This is simply not true. Ka’b was a tribal leader who gave assistance to the pagan Arabs i.e., the Quraysh. The Quraish were the enemy of the Muslim community. They persecuted the… Read More ›

Quran 8:30 Makr – Makara

And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners. – Qur’an 8:30 The above verse is cited by Christian missionaries that Allah’s planning against the evil people is somehow… Read More ›

Those who believe are responsible for exercising justice in an undivided manner both to earn Allah‘s approval, to lead their lives in peace and security

What Does Islam Teach about Justice?

Harun Yahya The true justice described in the Qur’an commands man to behave justly, not discriminating between people, protecting others’ rights and not permitting violence, no matter what the circumstances, to side with the oppressed against the oppressor and to help the needy. This justice calls for the rights of both parties to be protected… Read More ›