Mohamed Bzeek Dedicates Life To Fostering Terminally ill Children

This is the incredible story of Mohamed Bzeek, Libyan-born, who cares for terminally ill children for the past few decades in Los Angeles, America. “The key is, you have to love them like your own.” – Mohamed Bzeck Widowed Mohamed Bzeek, from Libya, has been fostering terminally ill children for over 20 years. He arrived in… Read More ›

James Wesley Howell Said To Police That He Wanted To Go To “Gay Pride Event”

20-year-old James Howell, told officers that he wanted to head to gay festival. This is the account from the Police: During the arrest of James Howell, his search of his car the Police uncovered Guns and explosives. Don’t forget to follow Discover The Truth on Facebook and Twitter. PLEASE help spread the word by sharing our… Read More ›

James Howell Arrested With Guns And Explosives Heading To L.A. Gay Pride Festival

On the same day a “mentally unstable” man who killed 50 gay people, a white guy from Indiana – most likely a Christian was arrested. 20-year-old James Wesley Howell of Indiana has been identified as the man arrested heading to LA GAY PRIDE Festival 2016. He was arrested with guns and explosives in his car. Indystar.com… Read More ›

Media Hiding Identity Of Man Arrested With Explosives And Guns Heading To Gay Pride Festival In L. A.

In Los Angeles, another person (not related to mentally ill Orlando shooter) was arrested with weapons and explosives heading to a gay pride festival few hours ago. The media have been silent on the man’s name for this case. Why IS the press concealing the man’s name? Why is the media and the authorities hiding… Read More ›