Muhammed And “Wife Beating” Claim

This hadith we are going explain has been dealt with, on a different point missionaries brought up before: “Muhammed, Jauniyya The ‘Prepubescent Girl’?” A few missionaries have been making the claim that Prophet Muhammed raised his hand to hit a woman. The Hadith reports say the contrary: Narrated Abu Usaid: We went out with the Prophet… Read More ›

Muhammed, Jauniyya The “Prepubescent Girl”?

Some missionaries are so desperate and dirty minded that they resort to lies and deception to degrade the impeccable character of Prophet Muhammed (p). A critic showed two reports in which he lied to degrade our noble Messenger, the reports can be seen below: Narrated Abu Usaid: We went out with the Prophet to a… Read More ›