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Murdered Pakistani Girl Zainab, Christian Missionaries and Bible Forgeries

A Christian lady begins by talking compassionately and commendably about a little girl who was abducted, raped and killed in a Pakistan. Christian lady: Earlier this month, a 6 year old girl, Zainab, was abducted after attending a tuition centre near her home town of Kasur in Pakistan, then raped, killed and thrown on a… Read More ›

These Walls Are Helping The Poor Iranians Stay Warm This winter (Video)

JM: This is a great idea that is going direct to the people in need. Donating your clothes to a clothes bank charity does not necessarily mean your clothes will reach the poor who are in need. In fact, when you donate your clothes to a charity, it is usually the trading arm of the charity… Read More ›

Christians Asked About Israel And The Nuclear Deal With Iran

Many Conservatives disagree with and are actively trying to undermine President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran but do they even know what the deal consists of? AJ+ asked a bunch of Conservative Christians at the Conservative Summit about the deal, doesn’t seem like they know much about it. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point)… Read More ›

US Politicians’ Racist Anti-Iranian Remarks Don’t Make Headlines

Imagine a US senator publicly calling the Chinese “evil people.” Imagine a governor saying African leaders are “animals.” Imagine a presidential candidate claiming Latinos are “liars.” In each of these cases, the media would rightfully explode, condemning the politicians for their overt racism. A notable exception to this, however, exists in the US political system… Read More ›