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Al-Harith Bin Suwayd Al-Ansari Murdered Companions Of The Prophet

The reason Al-Harith bin Suwayd al-Ansari was killed is that he took the life of some people unlawfully. Hence, he was killed for this crime. Ibn Ishaq: THE JEWS ARE JOINED BY ANSARI HYPOCRITES The following hypocrites from al-Aus and al-Khazraj joined the Jews according to information given me. God knows best about the truth…. Read More ›

Story of Blind Jew Throwing Dust – Seerah

One thing I have noticed from critics is that they try defaming the Prophet by mentioning Ibn Ishaq and Tabari as their sources. In most of the stories where the Prophet (p) is alleged to have done something, they cite Ibn Ishaq as their source. But as stated, many of these reports are not reliable… Read More ›