“Those Who Wait [And Watch] You; Then If You Gain A Victory…” – Quran 4:141

Background This verse was revealed in Madinah (Mawdudi and Dr. Muhammad Asad) Analysing Verse “Those who wait [and watch] you. Then if you gain a victory from Allah, they say, “Were we not with you?” But if the disbelievers have a success, they say [to them], “Did we not gain the advantage over you, but… Read More ›

The Hypocrites: Quran 63:1-4

Background These verses speak about the hypocrites who resided in Madinah, in the life-time of Prophet Muhammed (p). These people would outwardly look like they’re part of the Muslim community. But in reality they were the real enemies who wanted to destroy Islam and the Muslims. And would do anything in their path to side… Read More ›

“Then Seize Them And Kill Them Wherever You Overtake Them…” – Quran 4:91

Background Tafsir al-Jalalayn, Muhammed Asad and Maulana Muhammed Ali commentary of the Quran say these passages refer to Banu Asad and Ghatafan tribes. These tribes have in a number of occasions been hostile and sided with enemies of the Prophet (p). And waged war against the Muslims. Others, such as Ibn Kathir and Maududi’s Quran… Read More ›