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Sanctity Of Life: “If Anyone Kills A Person It Would Be As If He Killed All Mankind” – Surah 5:32

Kaleef K. Karim Content: 1. Introduction 2. Surah 5:32 plagiarized from Talmud? 3. Do Muslims take 5:32 out of context? 4. Is Surah 5:32 only binding on the ‘Children of Israel’, not Muslims? 5. Conclusion 1. Introduction As special creatures on earth, God Almighty has mandated for us to manage this earth with consideration for… Read More ›

VIDEO: Muslim Customer Saves Shopkeeper From Machete Attack In India

A Video footage of a Muslim man defending a shopkeeper from a vicious sword attack has gone viral. The incident took place this week In Mumbai, India. The Family of the shopkeeper described the Muslim man as an ‘angel’. The Muslim hero told NDTV News that he was not scared of confronting the sword-wielding thug… Read More ›