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Holland: Muslim Parents Children Taken For Refusing To Watch Sexual Movie In School

A video published on Shehab News Agency’s Facebook page shows distraught parents in Holland crying to have their kids back. From the video and the comment made by Shehab News Agency is that the parents kids were taken away from them because they refused to let their kids watch sexual movie in school. Hence the authorities in… Read More ›

Hysteria In Holland As Muslim TV Presenter Said ‘Allahu Akbar’ On TV

The Dutch media and Islamophobes are going crazy because a Muslim TV presenter, Ajouad El Miloudi, shouted Allahu Akbar during a roller coaster ride on a popular TV program called William Wever. A 12-year-old boy wanted to know how roller coasters are made, El Miloudi therefore took the child to the theme park and go… Read More ›

Wilders’ inflammatory speeches against Islam in Australia, have triggered protests from Muslims in Australia.

Australia’s Anti-Islam Party Draws Criticism

By OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – The launch of a new anti-Islam political party in Australia has sparked condemnation from leaders of the Muslim community and major Australian parties as fueling racism and bigotry against the sizable Muslim minority. “Extremism often leads to strife,” Warren Truss, the leader of the National Party of Australia in… Read More ›

Muslim convert Arnoud van Doorn, Launching a New Islamic party in Holland

DTT: Arnoud van Doorn who was an anti-Muslim and anti-Islam hater, in which he was part of a group of Politicians in Holland has converted to Islam, after seeing the truth. The lies he had been told about Muslims and Islam, led to investigate the truth and at last converted when he realised all these… Read More ›