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The New Testament: How Did It All Start?

THE NEW TESTAMENT: HOW DID IT ALL START? by Andrew Livingston Quite a lot has been written about the question of who wrote The Bible. Normally, however, this means people are writing about which specific author wrote what. Seeing as I’ve already gone over all of that myself [1] I’d now like for us to… Read More ›

Muslims Forgive Those Who Vandalised Sheffield Mosque (VIDEO)

BMY: We reported the attack on Al-Huda Islamic Centre in Sheffield, with a shocking video highlighting the extent of the damage caused to the Mosque. Here is a message by the commentator of the previous video, sending out a message of peace. A brave young British Muslim sending a message of forgiveness to those that… Read More ›

“When Tyranny Strikes Them, They Defend Themselves…” – Quran 42:39-43

Background These verse were revealed in Makkah (Mecca). Dr. Muhammad Asad: “The Forty-Second Surah Ash-Shura (Consultation) Mecca Period: THE BEGINNING and the end of this surah stress the reality of divine revelation, and the fact that all prophets, at all times, preached one and the same essential truth – namely, the existence and oneness of… Read More ›

7 ways to control sin

By: Uzman Muhajir As human beings we all possess a sinful nature. But as a Muslim we have to strive to step away from our nature by walking in the light of Islam. If we are not careful to resist ourselves from sin, it will weaken our souls and separate us from our Almighty Allah. On the necessity… Read More ›

Does Christianity really necessitate ransom for salvation?

Does Christianity really necessitate ransom for salvation? A comparative examination of vicarious atonement and repentance in biblical light Question Mark   Prelude   In the recent past Muslim Apologist and Speaker, Paul Williams engaged in a debate regarding the concept of Sin and Salvation in Islam and Christianity. Because the debate was very successful this… Read More ›