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Australia: Anti-Islamic & Right-Wing Groups Driving Bendigo Anti-Mosque Push

By Aisha Dow & Rania Spooner – smh.com.au June 24, 2014 Bendigo has become a rallying point for a loosely affiliated network of right-wing and anti-Islamic groups providing cash and support for the fight to block the city’s first mosque. The Bendigo campaign, which included the spread of black balloons, is just the latest in a… Read More ›

Muslim Women More Likely To Be Attacked By Islamophobes

By Mark Townsend – theguardian.com Saturday 28 June 2014 Hotline figures reveal an average of two Islamophobic incidents every day since the murder of Lee Rigby More than half of Islamophobic attacks in Britain are committed against women, who are typically targeted because they are wearing clothing associated with Islam, new data reveals. The figures of… Read More ›

Vile Britain First group visits Lancashire mosque

Vile, Fascist ‘Britain First group’ visits Lancashire mosque

A group seen abusing Muslims outside a London Mosque have now launched an ‘anti-grooming campaign’ in a Lancashire Town. In the video members of the Britain First group, can be seen driving through a predominantly Asian area of Blackburn in what it states is a ‘new direct action campaign against the scourge of Muslim paedophile… Read More ›

Legoland gave into pressure.

The press release on their site MRDF FAMILY FUN DAY – SUNDAY 9TH MARCH The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort prides itself on welcoming everyone to our wonderful attraction, therefore the decision to cancel this private event was incredibly difficult. This outcome comes after discussions with the organisers and local Thames Valley Police and follows the receipt… Read More ›