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U.S. Officials: American Muslims Do Report Extremists

The deliberate lies that have been spouted by some Politicians and right-wing media outlets, that Muslim Americans don’t report extremists within, to the Police, turns out to be incorrect. U.S. officials have stated that American Muslims do report extremist Muslims. Those who spew such claims that Muslims don’t report, are incorrect and spreading misinformation. To… Read More ›

Muslim School Burned Down In What Investigators Say Is Likely An Arson Attack

By Zaid Jilani The arson attack was the third incident of Islamaphobic violence this week. Unfortunately, the execution of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill was not the only Islamophobic violence that happened this week. The same week, an Arab American family was assaulted in Dearborn, and now in Houston comes a horrible story of… Read More ›

That ‘Atheist’ Who Killed 3 Young Muslims In North Carolina…

By Leslie Salzillo On February 10, 2015, a 46-year old ‘self proclaimed’ atheist, took his gun, managed his way into his neighbor’s home, and shot them to death. Craig Stephen Hicks killed three innocent young Muslim students, execution-style, in Chapel Hill, then turned himself in hours later. The lives he stole were Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha,… Read More ›