Second Raid On Banu Thalabah? – Abu Ubaydah Bin Al-Jarrah

The first expedition to banu Thalabah was as a result of this tribe’s continued hostilities. Unfortunately, while Muhammad Ibn Maslama was sent to the area where the enemy was, they were ambushed from every side. All the Muslims were killed, only Muhammed Ibn Maslamah escaped alive. Now, the second expedition was sent out under the… Read More ›

First Raid On Banu Thalabah? – Muhammed Ibn Maslamah

The Banu Thalaba incident at Dhu Qassah took place as a consequence of this tribe’s continued hostilities against the believers. The Prophet (p) sent out his companions to engage the enemy. While the Muslims came near the habitation of the enemy, they were ambushed. All the Muslims were killed, except for one. This is not… Read More ›