Third Expedition Of Dhu Qarad In Ghaba Area

Some thieves killed the Prophet’s (p) herdsman, and hence he sent out his Companions in puruit of these criminals to be brought to justice. Report Tabari: “THE EXPEDITION OF DHU QARAD …We returned to Medina with the Messenger of God – that is, after the peace of al-Hudaybiyah. The Messenger of God sent out his… Read More ›

The Expedition Of Dhu Qarad

Uyainah Ibn Hisn Al-Fazari who was the leader of the Banu Ghatafan, he raided outskirts of Madina, robbed camels and murdered a shepherd who was looking after the animals. When Prophet Muhammad received news of this, he sent out his companions in pursuit of this robber/murderer. Historical reports Tabari: “We returned to Medina with the… Read More ›