The Battle Of Hunayn (Hunain)

Prophet Muhammad and his Companions conquered Makkah peacefully. This was the home of the Prophet (p) and its companions who were persecuted and pursued even when they left to find safe sanctuary in Madinah. The conquest of Makkah took place as a consequence of the Quraysh, they instigated the banu Bakr in fighting against Khuza’a,… Read More ›

The Conquest Of Mecca (Makkah)

In the year 6 Hijri, a treaty was concluded (treaty of Hudaybiyah) with the leaders of Quraysh and Prophet Muhammed. According to the pact, Quraysh and the Muslims were free to make agreements with the tribes they liked. As a result, the Banu khuza’a tribe decided to make a pact with the Muslims. And the… Read More ›