The Expedition Of Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah (Caravan)

The expedition of Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah to the tribe of Juhaynah, which was part of the Quraysh, who were the  arch-enemy of the Muslims. These people persecuted, and killed many Muslims, and continued to do so. Some have said that the aim of Ubaydah was to raid a caravan. This is an unsubstantiated claim…. Read More ›

Nejd (Najd) Caravan Raid?

The interception of the caravan in Najd (Nejd) took place in the 3 AH (624 AD). The Quraysh sent Safwan Ibn Umayyah to Syria for trade. In reference to Quraysh, they had persecuted and murdered many Muslims. As a result of these actions of the Quraysh, the Muslims fought back against them. As a consequence… Read More ›

Were They Sent To Batn Rabigh For A Caravan Raid?

No! The Prophet (p) sent an expedition under the leadership of Ubaydah Ibn al-Harith to Batn Rabigh, to confront Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb who was an arch enemy of the Muslims. Reports Al-Waqidi: “THE EXPEDITION (SARIYYA) OF UBAYDA B. AL-HARITH TO RABIGH The Prophet gave the flag to Ubayda b. al-Harith, in shawal, the eighth… Read More ›

Expedition Of Sa’d B. Waqqas – Kharar Caravan Raid?

The Prophet sent Sa’d B. Waqqas on an expedition to al-Kharrar, to confront the hostile Quraysh. It is claimed by some that the Prophet sent Sa’d b. Abu Waqqas solely on this mission to raid a caravan. However, no such thing is reported in Ibn Ishaq. In fact, all it tells us is that the Prophet… Read More ›

Invasion of Dul Ashir (Al-Ashayra) – Quraysh’s Caravan?

Ibn Ishaq: “THE RAID ON AL-USHAYRA Then he raided the Quraysh. … He made a treaty of friendship there with B. Mundlij and their allies B. Damra and then he returned to Medina without a fight.” [1] The raids on Quraysh criminals were done at a time when they had declared war on the Muslims (see… Read More ›

Review Of The Battle Of Badr

Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani Having given a bare description of events, we now proceed to a critical examination of the question whether the battle of Badr was a defensive measure against the Quraish or, as generally stated by historians, a high-way robbery directed against a trade-caravan. I know there is a difference between history and… Read More ›

The Expeditions Preceding The Battle Of Badr

Scholars statements regarding the expeditions preceding the battle of Badr, namely Hamza’s expedition to the sea-shore confronting Abu Jahl’s troops. Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani: “EXPEDITIONS PRECEDING BADR It was in these circumstances that, before the battle of Badr, parties of fifty or a hundred persons came to be despatched along the road to Mecca. The… Read More ›

Raid Incident At Nakhlah?

The expedition of Nakhla was made just to collect information on what the Quraysh were doing and to report back to the Prophet (p) accordingly. Read also: Did Quraysh Persecute Muslims When They Fled To Madinah? The Prophet (p) sent Abdullah Ibn Jahsh to Nakhlah with a letter and ordered him not to open it for… Read More ›

Property Of Muslims Stolen – Robbed By Quraysh In Makkah?

Kaleef K. Karim What did the generous Quraysh do when Muhammed (p) and his companions fled to Madinah from persecution? You read it right! They started stealing and ravishing the property of Muslims who fled persecution from Makkah to Madinah. Not only were they oppressors, tyrants and murderers, but they were also the biggest thieves…. Read More ›

Expedition Of Hamza To Al-Is – Caravan Raid?

The expedition led by Hamza (ra) who encountered Abu Jahl. The Prophet (p) sent Hamza on an expedition to Al-Is, near the seashore with thirty horsemen. It is reported from Ibn Ishaq that the Muslims met the Quraysh, their enemy who had persecuted the Muslims in the past and who continued to do so. A battle… Read More ›