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Banu Asfar: Jadd B. Qays And The ‘Blonde Women’ Claim

Kaleef K. Karim In this article, we seek to once again analyse the Banu Asfar (Byzantine) affair in connection with Surah 9:49. In the first piece we argued and presented historical evidence that the Tabuk expedition took place as a result of the impending army of the Banu Asfar, who were prepared and came southwards,… Read More ›

Muhammed, “Blonde Women” And Quran 9:49

Kaleef K. Karim   A missionary has written an article on ‘Blonde women’ in relation to Quran 9:49. We won’t mention his name. We will deal with his claims point by point. In the article, he quotes two commentaries in connection to Surah 9:49. The first commentary is from Tafsir al-Tabari: “Among them is (many)… Read More ›

Fox News: ’50 Shades of Blonde’

Just have a look and see how diverse Fox News is. Source: I love how diverse Fox News is ❤ http://t.co/C5HaorkrTa— Calvin (@aurosan) February 10, 2014