Countering Lies On The Banu Qaynuqa Incident

Salam Zaid I have decided to take on “The Religion Of Peace” (TROP) website, which is owned by a Christian missionary by the name of Glen Roberts. I want to dedicate a series of articles to refute their so called responses to DTT (discover the truth site). Glen Roberts made several poor and very badly… Read More ›

Scholars On Khaybar Incident

Scholars Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil: “The Jews of Khaibar contacted the people of the Ghatafan tribe, who were known to be mercenaries for hire. As a reward for fighting the Muslims, the Jews of Khaibar offered them a percentage of their yearly harvest, which consisted mainly of fruits and dates. They furthermore established alliances with… Read More ›

Scholars On The Banu Qaynuqa Incident

Scholars On the Banu Qaynuqa incident. Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani GHAZWA BANI QAINUQI (SHAWWAL, 2ND HIJRA I.E., MARCH 624 C.E.). The victory at Badr had made the Jews more apprehensive. They had seen how Islam was growing into a power. The Qainuqa, the bravest and the most powerful of all the Jewish tribes, were the… Read More ›