The Expedition Of Al-Raji – Treachery

Some men from the clans of Adal and Qarah came to Prophet Muhammed (p) in Madinah, requesting the Prophet (p) to send some of his men to their tribes, to learn more about Islam. When the Muslims were on their way, near a place called al-Raji they got betrayed and got ambushed by Banu Lihyan… Read More ›

Invasion Of Banu Lahyan (Lihyan)?

The Banu Lahyan tribe (and other tribes) treacherously murdered many Muslims. In return, Prophet Muhammed (P) send his Companions to bring those guilty of these killings, to be dealt with. Historical reports on this incident Sahih al-Bukhari: “The Prophet invoked evil upon those (people) WHO KILLED HIS COMPANIONS AT BIR MAUNA for 30 days (in… Read More ›