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Pig’s Head Hung On Mosque Door In Vienna

By TheLocal.at   In a barbaric affront to Muslim sensibilities, part of a pig’s head and some pork tripe was attached to the door of a Mosque in Vienna’s 21st district on Christmas day. The imam of the Kocatepe mosque spoke to the Andadolu press agency about the incident, condemning the vandalism as an “unacceptable”… Read More ›

60-Year-Old Woman Attacked Because Of Her Faith

DTT Comment: Sad, a 60-year-old Muslim woman, a pensioner was attacked because of her beliefs. She ended up in hospital with spinal injuries. This is the result of the hate-mongering media stirring up hate towards Muslims. By TheLocal.at   A 60-year-old Muslim woman was seriously injured after being attacked at a bank in Vienna, in… Read More ›

Muslim Woman Attacked On Train

By TheLocal.at Zeliha Cicek is the third Muslim to have been assaulted in Vienna in the last month. Cicek, a school teacher and mother of three children, is ethnically Turkish. She said she was talking to her sister on an U3 underground train on her mobile phone when the woman started shouting at her in… Read More ›

84-Year-Old Muslim Woman Beaten Up

Police confirmed that they received a report of the attack in the Favoriten area of Vienna, and are currently investigating. The perpetrator was a 30 to 35-year-old man who spoke and insulted the woman using a strong Viennese dialect. Another nearby woman was also knocked down by the man, according to reports.  Nearby teenagers who… Read More ›

Mosque Defaced With Swastikas

By TheLocal.at A mosque in the town of Telfs, in Tyrol, which is known for its distinctive white minaret has been defaced with swastikas. The Nazi symbol was sprayed in black paint overnight on Tuesday, around the entrance to the mosque and on some mosaic tiles. It is not known who defaced the mosque but… Read More ›

Red Cross doctor in Austria rejects blood donations from Muslims

The doctor in the city of Linz claimed that Muslims have bad blood and at least suffer from Hepititus B. World Bulletin / News Desk A doctor working for the Red Cross in the Austrian city of Linz has caused outrage by criticizing a blood donation campaign by an Islamic charity, claiming that Muslims who… Read More ›