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Attack In Avon Leaves Muslim Couple Shaken

Matthew Tully – IndyStar.com As a husband, he wants to know why. Why would someone walk up behind his wife in a crowded public space in a safe community and hit her with a blow that, although violent, left the couple with more questions than actual pain. Was it because of the traditional Muslim clothing she… Read More ›

Rohingya – Name Of Muslim Group In Myanmar Goes Unspoken

  By Matthew Pennington – KashmirDispatch.com Myanmar’s downtrodden Rohingya Muslims have been denied citizenship, targeted in deadly sectarian violence and corralled into dirty camps without aid. To heap on the indignity, Myanmar’s government is pressuring foreign officials not to speak the group’s name, and the tactic appears to be working. UN officials say they avoid… Read More ›

Hate Crime – Cops Investigating Anti-Muslim Fliers

By Ned Berke The NYPD’s Hate Crimes unit is looking to identify the person who distributed anti-Muslim fliers in at least one of the Shore Haven apartment buildings near Cropsey Avenue and 21st Avenue in Bath Beach, according to Councilman Mark Treyger’s office. The fliers were found throughout the building this week, showing a hateful message calling… Read More ›

Israeli Embassy Warns Ireland Will Fall Under Islamic Influence

By Patrick Counihan – Irish Central The Israeli embassy in Dublin has been slammed after grotesque images and warnings of an Islamic invasion of Ireland were posted on its Facebook page. The images depicted the Molly Malone statue in Dublin wearing a burka and the embassy’s Facebook page claimed that Ireland would be the next… Read More ›

HOAX – ‘Wiltshire Church To Become Mosque & Bodies Dug Up’

By Brett M. Christensen – Hoax-Slayer Outline Circulating social media message claims that a British church in Wiltshire, UK will be converted into a mosque and that bodies buried in the church’s graveyard will be dug up and moved. The message features an image of the church.   Brief Analysis The claims in the message… Read More ›