Conversion To Islam And Persecution: Uthman Ibn Affan’s Early Life In Makkah

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Uthman Ibn Affan in his early days in Makkah was was punched in the face by a qurayshi polytheist for merely having a different opinion to his. This is recorded by Ibn Ishaq (704 – 768 AD) :

“[On another occasion when] Labid b. Rabi’a b. Malik b Ja’far b. Kilab was in an assembly of the Quraysh when Uthman was present he recited a verse:
Everything but God is vain,
True! Interjected Uthman; but when he went on:
And everything lovely must inevitably cease,
Uthman cried, ‘You lie! The joy of Paradise will never cease.’ Labid said: ‘O men of Quraysh your friends never used to be annoyed this. Since when has this rot of thing happened among you?’ One of the audience answered: ‘This is one of those louts with Muhammad. They have abandoned our religion. Take no notice of what he says.’ Uthman objected so energetically that the matter became serious. Whereupon that man rose to his feet and hit him in the eye so that it became black. Now al-Walid was hard by watching what happened to Uthman and said: ‘O nephew, your eye need not have suffered this had you remained in sure protection.’ Uthman answered: ‘Nay by God my good eye needs what happened to its fellow for God’s sake, and I am under the protection of the One who is stronger and more powerful than you, O Abu Abdu Shams.’ Al-Walid only said, ‘Come, nephew, my protection is always open to you,’ but he declined it.” (Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah – The Life of Muhammad Translated by A. Guillaume, [Oxford University Press – Seventeenth Impression 2004], page 169 – 170)

On Another occasion, it is reported that Uthman was bound in ropes by his uncle in order for him to abandon Islam. Kitab Tabaqat al-Kabir – Ibn Sa’d (784 – 845 AD) [1] reports:

“Muhammed Ibn Ibrahim Taymi narrates that when Uthman Ibn Affan accepted Islam, his uncle Hakam Ibn Abil Ass Ibn Umayyah securely bound him in ropes. He then said to Uthman, ‘Have you turned away from the creed of your forefathers and turned to a new religion?’ I swear by Allah that I shall never release you until you forsake the religion you follow.’ Uthman replied, ‘I swear by Allah that I shall never leave it.” (Tabaqat al-Kabir, Ibn Sa’d, volume 3, page 37. Arabic Ed.)


“Uthman Ibn Affan’s conversion to Islam, his uncle al-Hakam tied him up and threatened not to release him until he abjured Islam. He bore the torture for a long time and did not give in.” (Tabaqat al-Kubra, by Ibn Sa’d, volume 3, page 55)

al-Tamheed Wa’l-Bayan Fi Maqtal al-Shaheed Uthman:

“’Uthman was persecuted and tortured for the sake of Allah at the hands of his paternal uncle al-Hakam ibn Abi’l-‘Aas ibn Umayyah who caught him and tied him up, and said: “Will you turn away from the religion of your forefathers for a new religion? By Allah, I will not let you go until you give up this religion.” ‘Uthman & said: “By Allah, I will never give it up or leave it.” (al-Tamheed Wa’l-Bayan Fi Maqtal al-Shaheed Uthman, page 22)

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[1] A slight different translation for the same report:
“When Uthman embraced Islam, his uncle Hakim Ibn Abul-As tied him up with a rope and in an attempt to terrify him bellowed at him: ‘ You have the gall to renounce the creed of your forefathers and embrace a new religion!’ To this Uthman replied, ‘By Allah! I will never ever forsake this Deen (Religion) and I will certainly not relinquish it.”(Tabaqat al-Kabir, by Ibn Sa’d, volume 3, page 38)

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