Increase Of FGM (FGCS) By Europeans

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One woman’s “FGM” is another woman’s “cosmetic surgery”.

“One of the things I hate most is the hypocrisy of those who are feminists/Muslim-bashers when looking at other people’s sexism. In Sweden, one of the centres for vaginal reconstructive surgery, the government found it tricky to construct its anti-FGM legislation in just such a way that cosmetic surgery was excluded. This is because mutilation on the vagina is an outrage if done for African/Middle-eastern reasons but great if done for European reasons. Where’s the outrage and campaign(s) to tell Western women that they’re fine just the way they are?” – John Kennedy

Girls below the age of 14 go under FGCS (another term for FGM, European version).

South African Blogger Jocelyn Roberts explains the increase in female genital cosmetic surgeries, in an article for

FGM trending in the West

Ironically, the very Western governments actively working with the United Nation Population Fund and UNICEF to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM) in Africa have populations experiencing massive increases in female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS).

The UK has seen a fivefold increase over the past decade, while Australia reports a threefold rise, these operations in US has risen 44%, and labiaplasties are now called “Toronto Trims” in Canada, due to their popularity in the Greater Toronto area.

Because it’s described as surgery, FGCS sounds much more modern and medicalised than FGM. Given, however, that when FGM is performed by medical professionals it’s still considered a human rights violation, not stopping medically unnecessary FGCS becomes an obvious double standard, especially when considering that the vast majority of women and girls requesting these operations are doing so because of what amounts to social pressure. Beauty is pain, right?

And when I say girls are seeing doctors to have their privates surgically removed, I refer to girls under the age of fourteen who are increasingly having FGCS – with parental permission, of course. By doing so, they are risking their future sexual functioning and overall health. Nothing says sexy like that Barbie clamshell vagina every young girl dreams of having. (Ignore that the labia are not the vagina and that Barbie lacks genitals entirely – beauty standards aren’t supposed to be logical, or even attainable.)

Despite all of these issues, many people in Western countries still support pornography as “freedom of expression”, claiming it is a woman’s right to sell herself. And just like the myth of the paid, willing sex worker (which is not the status of the majority of victims of sex trafficking around the world), the lie being repeatedly told to us is that since women are paid to star in pornography, they are therefore willing participants and who are we to judge? This of course ignores that a large number of women and girls are trafficked because of the demands caused by porn, as well ignoring that the “choice” these women are making is affecting the self-esteems of girls and women everywhere.

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