Jewish Scholar Praises Prophet Muhammed’s “Tolerant, Considerate Behaviour Towards Jews”

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Jewish Scholar Praises Prophet Muhammed’s “Tolerant And Considerate Behaviour Towards Jews”

A Jewish scholar, Dr. Israel Welphenson, reviews one of the conquest’s of Khaybar, refers how the Muslims, Prophet Muhammed showed magnanimous treatment of the Jews, 1400 years ago:

“The event shows what a high regard the Prophet had for their scriptures. His tolerant and considerate behaviour impressed the Jews who could never forget that the Prophet did nothing which trifled with their sacred scriptures. The Jews knew how the Romans had, when they captured Jerusalem in 70 B. C., burnt their scriptures and trampled them underfoot. The fanatic Christians persecuting the Jews of Spain had likewise consigned their scriptures to fire. This is the great difference we find between these conquerors and the Prophet of Islam.” (Al-Yahud Fi Balad il-Arab, by Dr. Israel Welphenson, page 170) [1]

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[1] Muhammad Rasulullah: The Apostle Of Mercy, [Translated by Mohiudin Ahmad, Academy of Islamic Research And Publications, Lucknow (India) – Series No. 126 – Edition English 2nd Lucknow, 1982]S. Abul Hasan Ali, page 301


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