Watch People React To Hearing Violent Bible Verses They Think Are From The Quran

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The young folk over at Dit Is Normal (not a typo), a prankster show out of the Netherlands decided to prank people concerning the Christian Bible. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the rising discussion of Islam as a religion inherently violent and prone to terrorism, these two men thought it would be interesting to buy a Bible, highlight some verses, and then replace the cover of that Bible with a cover of a Quran and then let people read those verses—and film their reactions.

If you reject my commands and abhor my laws you will eat the flesh of your own sons and the flesh of your own daughters.

—Leviticus 26.29

I do not allow for a woman to teach.

Timothy 2:12

You will have to cut off her hand.

Deuteronomy 25:12

The reactions are priceless and predictable. Here are a couple of reactions that are very applicable to today’s general hypocrisy concerning the Islamic religion.

Well, I didn’t know that this kind of stuff was also in this book. Cutting off people’s hands…I mean, apparently that’s just the way they are.

And the always classic, Bill Maher inspired:

If you’ve been raised with this book and these kinds of thoughts, it’s going to influence the way you think.

Good point? Problem is that it applies to most of the people ranting about this stuff these days. When the guys are Dit Is Normal reveal that these verses are from the Bible, everyone’s reactions are genuinely surprised—and frankly—positive. One young man’s reaction is a real statement of our ability to swallow our pride without feeling humiliated—after laughing and seeming to be genuinely taken by how tricked he was he says this:

But it’s all just prejudice really. I always try not be be prejudiced myself but apparently I already am.

Maturity and wisdom comes most frequently as a result of having your ideas challenged in a way that allows you to see the artifice of convention. It can be embarrassing at times and it can feel painful at other times—but that’s why we have humor!

Watch the Islamaphobic hypocrisy below the fold.


Source: DailyKos

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