Scholars On The Incident At Bir Maona

Scholars on Bir Maona incident, where many Muslims were murdered for merely proclaiming the message of Islam.   Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani: “SIRYA BI’R MA’UNA In the month of Safar of the same year, Abu Bara, the chief of the tribe of Kilab came to the Prophet (p) and asked him to send with him… Read More ›

Treachery At Bir Maona

The expedition of Bir Maona took place because one of the chief’s of the tribe of Bani Amir came to Madinah and requested the Prophet (p) to send some Muslims to his tribe Najd, so they may learn more about Islam. Although he was not Muslim, he was interested in knowing more about Islam before… Read More ›