No Excuse For Hind Bint Utbah…

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There is no excuse for Hind bint Utbah for what she did. She deserved the death penalty for mutilating some of Prophet Mohammad (p)’s Companions. Although she did evil against the Prophet’s Companions, she was forgiven by the Prophet when she asked to be pardoned.

Ibn Ishaq:

According to what Salih b. kaysan told me, Hind d. Utba and the women with her stopped to mutilate the apostle’s dead companions. They cut off their ears and noses and Hind made them into ankles and collars and gave her anklets and collars and pendants to Wahshi, the slave of Jubayr b. Mut’im. She cut out Hamza’s liver and chewed it, but she was not able to swallow it and threw it away. Then she mounted a high rock and shrieked at the top of her voice… [1]

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan:

Hind bint Utbah, the wife of Abu Sufyan. Her hatred of Islam was so great that, in the battle of Uhud, she extracted Hamzah’s heart and masticated it. She was to be killed, but she came before the Prophet, sought forgiveness and accepted Islam. After the Prophet had forgiven her and admitted her into the fold of Islam she went home and broke all the idols in her house, saying: ‘Truly, you have misled us.’ [2]

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[1] Ibn Ishaq – Sīratu Rasulillah – (Translator: A. Guillaume), page 385
[2] Muhammad: A Prophet for All Humanity By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan page 333

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