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The Expedition Of Dhu Qarad

Uyainah Ibn Hisn Al-Fazari who was the leader of the Banu Ghatafan, he raided outskirts of Madina, robbed camels and murdered a shepherd who was looking after the animals. When Prophet Muhammad received news of this, he sent out his companions in pursuit of this robber/murderer. Historical reports Tabari: “We returned to Medina with the… Read More ›

Expedition Of Muhammad Ibn Maslamah To Banu Bakr

The Expedition (Sariyyah) of Muhammed Ibn Maslamah took place in the year 627 AD (6 Hijri). Prophet Muhammed sent a  team of thirty companions under the leadership of Muhammed Ibn Maslamah on a mission to confront Banu Bakr (Banu Bakr bin Wa’il). The companions led a surprise attack on the enemy and they all fled…. Read More ›

Two Racist Thugs Jailed For The Murder Of 81-Year-Old Muslim Man

  BBC News reports on the jail sentences passed on two men convicted of the murder of Muslim grandfather, Muhsin Ahmed, in Rotherham. Dale Jones, 30, was convicted of murder by unanimous verdict at his trial last Wednesday. Today, a jury found Damien Hunt guilty of manslaughter by unanimous verdict. Jones was jailed for life,… Read More ›

Scholars On The ‘Invasion’ of Sawiq

Scholars on the ‘invasion’ of Sawiq. Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani: “Abu Sufyan was now the chief of the Quraish, and as such his first duty was to be revenged for Badr. On the return of the Quraish from Badr, he took a vow never to dress his hair with oil and never to take an… Read More ›

Invasion of Sawiq?

The incident at Sawiq took place because of the continued hostilities and aggression of the Quraysh against the Muslims. When they lost at the battle of Badr, Abu Sufyan couldn’t accept it. Not long after the battle of badr, he set out with his companions, murdered two innocent men and set fire to houses and… Read More ›

Treachery At Bir Maona

The expedition of Bir Maona took place because one of the chief’s of the tribe of Bani Amir came to Madinah and requested the Prophet (p) to send some Muslims to his tribe Najd, so they may learn more about Islam. Although he was not Muslim, he was interested in knowing more about Islam before… Read More ›

Al-Fazari’s Raid On al-Ghabah

Uyainah Ibn Hisn al-Fazari who was the leader of the Banu Ghatafan, raided outskirts of Madina with his men, robbed camels, murdered a shepherd who was looking after them, and kidnapped a woman. When Prophet Muhammad (p) received news of this, he sent his companions out in pursuit of those criminals. Historical reports on this… Read More ›

Invasion Of Banu Lahyan (Lihyan)?

The Banu Lahyan tribe (and other tribes) treacherously murdered many Muslims. In return, Prophet Muhammed (P) send his Companions to bring those guilty of these killings, to be dealt with. Historical reports on this incident Sahih al-Bukhari: “The Prophet invoked evil upon those (people) WHO KILLED HIS COMPANIONS AT BIR MAUNA for 30 days (in… Read More ›

Video: Israeli Jews Celebrating Wedding By Stabbing Photo Of Palestinian Baby Burned Alive This Summer

What did I just watch! I can’t believe there are people out there that celebrate the death of a innocent baby. The Police in Israel have taken a video from Jewish religious persons dancing at a wedding in Jerusalem. It is reported by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, that the video was taken 3 weeks ago in… Read More ›

Trump Supporter Arrested After Plotting To Murder Muslims

A man was arrested recently after a police tip alerted authorities that the man was constructing explosive devices and allegedly making threats to murder Muslims. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Read more at Think progress: “Police in Richmond, California have arrested 55-year-old William Celli, who was allegedly constructing explosive devices… Read More ›