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Britain First Group Are Liking Facebook Comments Encouraging ‘Dynamiting’ Mosques

Fascist group, Britain First approve of and like comments on their Facebook page about dynamiting a Mosque: Huffingtongpost write further on Britain First’s liking comments which endorse violence, blowing the Mosque up. By The Huffington Post UK Britain First appear to be condoning people who call for the blowing up of mosques. In the comments… Read More ›

Islamophobic Attack On Sunderland Mosque

  This is the aftermath of an Islamaphobic attack on the new Millfield Mosque in Sunderland. Every window in the mosque was smashed. The mosque has not opened yet, it is all completely community funded. Yet from day one, the mosque has faced so much hatred and protests. I don’t know of any mosque which… Read More ›

Nigel Farage, ‘Jews Are Fearful Of Muslims’

  The Jewish Chronicle this week features an interview with UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage, following on from last week’s interview with the new party candidate for Hendon, Dr Raymond Shamash. Shamash replaced the former candidate for Hendon, Jeremy Zeid, who was forced to step down after tweeting comments suggesting the US President, Barack Obama,… Read More ›

Britain: Four Pigs Heads Left Outside Community Centre ‘Mosque’ In Solihull

  BBC News, ITV News, the Guardian, Daily Mirror and Birmingham Mail all cover an Islamophobic hate crime in Solihull after four severed pigs heads were left at the door of a community centre rumoured to be in use as an unauthorised mosque. The papers report that West Midlands Police were alerted to the incident… Read More ›

Pregnant Muslim Woman In France Attacked For Wearing Headscarf

DTT: Hate-filled politicians and the Media have made life for Muslims hell in Europe. With the lies spread innocent Muslim woman get attacked by thuggish cowards. They pick on the vunerable who can’t defend themselves. By Tribune   A headscarf-wearing Muslim woman in her final month of pregnancy was violently assaulted in southern France this… Read More ›

Muslim Immigrant, Lassana Bathily, Presented ‘Medal of Valor’ For Saving 7 Jewish Lives

The Simon Wiesenthal Center presented Muslim immigrant, Lassana Bathily, the ‘Medal of Valor’ for saving 7 Jewish lives during the horrific #CharlieHebdo Paris attacks. Don’t wait for major media outlets to cover these types of stories about Muslims and Jews working together in the cause of human dignity. With the rise of social media, the… Read More ›

Man Sentenced For Stabbing Muslim Shopkeeper

  The Islington Gazette reports on the sentencing of Michael O’Leary, who was on trial for an attack on a Muslim shopkeeper in north London last year. O’Leary, who attacked Samsul Islam at his convenience store on Holloway Road, was cleared of attempted murder at Blackfriars Crown Court last week. Samsul Islam told the court… Read More ›

Exposing Anti-Islam/Muslim Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Latest Deception

DTT: Excellent article written by Max Blumenthal on Ayaan Hirsi Ali that has been shared a lot on the social media. It shows what many other people have for some time, her fraudulent autobiography and deceptive Islamophobic tactics. By Max Blumenthal / Alternet One of America’s most prominent Islam bashers has a long history of making… Read More ›

VIDEO: Muslim Mother With Her Three Children Attacked In Paris

A Muslim mother with her three children was attacked by a man in Auber train station in Paris. She was punched and kicked, and the attacker then tried to escape but was caught by two Muslim men. Shockingly, bystanders just watched while she was beaten up and did not intervene to stop the attacker from escaping!… Read More ›

Far-right Round Up – Halal

By Matthew Collins / Hope Not Hate Britain First led the way this week when they managed to produce the world’s smallest Nazi newspaper. Britain First claim they have printed 30,000 copies of their mini-paper. Obviously nobody told them that they have to actually sell them to make the actual money they think they are… Read More ›