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Expedition Of Abdullah Ibn Unays To Nakhah (Or Urana)

Prophet Muhammed (p) learned that Khalid b. Sufyan al-Hudhali (or Sufyan Ibn Khalid) was inciting and collecting people at Nakhlah (or Urana) to attack the Muslims in Madinah. So, the Prophet (p) called Abdullah Ibn Unays to go to Nakhlah (Or Urana) on a mission to deal with Khalid, if he intended to attack Madinah. Upon… Read More ›

Did Muhammad Order Or Support The Killing Of Innocents?

Kaleef K. Karim   The links below contains results and reasons as to why some people were killed by the command of the Prophet (p). I have done a thorough examination of these people as to why they were killed. The reason I undertook this task, is because there is a lot of misinformation online… Read More ›

Did Amr Ibn Jihash Try Assassinating Prophet Muhammad (p)?

Whenever critics and missionaries want to spread lies about Islam, they write an article trying to show that Mohammed was violent for ordering someone to be killed – they portray the persecutor as the victim and the one persecuted as the aggressor. This is the case of Amr ibn Jihash. Amr ibn Jihash tried assassinating… Read More ›