Exposed: How the BBC Targeted the Muslim Minority during Trojan Hoax Fiasco

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When the dust settles and the reality of neocons is more publically known, history will recall the discriminatory nature of the entire Trojan Hoax fiasco, in which Islam and Muslims were dragged through dirt based upon fabricated allegations of takeover plots which have yet to be proven till this day. The same sort of allegations, incidentally, which could be found in other minorities (see here and here), but were only solely focussed upon in the context of the Muslim minority, constituting Muslim minority discrimination.

Most of the press, reflecting their churnalistic function contrasting with genuine journalism, hopped upon the neocon bandwagon to create the pretext necessary for the totalitarian measures, which the government is now looking to legislate for.

Here, the BBC’s Muslim minority discrimination through its line of questioning is exposed.

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