Catholic School Bans Long Dresses Unfairly Targets Muslims Students

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By Andy Furniere / Flanderstoday

The Catholic school of Ursulinen Mechelen has prohibited the wearing of long skirts, according to the intercultural association Kif Kif. According to the Antwerp association, the measure is directed at Muslim girls, who are asked to roll up their dresses when they arrive at school. Headscarves were banned by the school previously.

The Ursuline School in Mechelen are strictly monitoring girls with a long skirt. They are required every day to roll up their dresses and tie a scarf around their hips. Whoever doesn’t comply is sent home and whoever disobeys the rule constantly are threatened with sanctions.

“Since more Muslim girls started to wear long skirts or dresses, the school has prohibited them, on the pretext of ensuring the safety of students,” stated Kif Kif. “High heels strangely enough are not covered by the measure.”

According to Kif Kif, the school responded to student complaints by emphasising that all forms of religious expression are banned at school.

Muslims students at the school are considering taking legal action against the school.


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